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185mm2 Tinned Annealed Copper Conductor 19/3.55mm

Our newest stranded copper wire complies with international standards and undergoes strict quality testing to ensure the high performance and reliability of the product Stranded for use overhead outdoors on insulators for distribution circuits, and also for grounding. Model: TCC Brand: Grand Cable

125mm2 Tinned Annealed Copper Conductor 19/2.68mm

Stranded for use overhead outdoors on insulators for distribution circuits, also for grounding. Model: TCC Brand: Grand Cable

HDBC Hard Drawn Bare Copper Conductor DIN 48201-1

Bare stranded hard-drawn copper conductor is a concentric-lay-stranded conductor consisting of hard-drawn copper wires available in both single layer and multi-layer constructions. Model: HDBC Brand: Grand Cable

25mm2 SDBC Soft Drawn Bare Copper Conductor

It is used in overhead electrical transmission and distribution, for grounding electrical systems where high conductivity and flexibility is required. Suitable for numerous other applications. Model: SDBC Brand: Grand Cable

Understanding Power and Control Cables in the Electrical Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

Power and control cables are essential components in electrical systems, responsible for transmitting power and signals to various devices and equipment. These cables are designed to withstand high levels of electrical current and provide reliable connections for a wide range of applications in the electrical industry. One key feature of power cables is their ability to carry high voltage levels t

Upgrade Your Electrical System with PVC Insulated Cables for Enhanced Performance

By choosing high-quality PVC insulated cables and following proper installation guidelines, you can enhance the reliability of your electrical setup and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

What You Need to Know About XLPE SWA Cable in the Electrical Industry

XLPE SWA cable, also known as cross-linked polyethylene steel wire armored cable, is a type of power cable commonly used in various electrical installations. This cable is designed to withstand high voltage levels, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. One of the key features of XLPE SWA cable is its excellent insulation properties. The cross-linked polyethylene material pr

All You Need to Know About DC Output Cables in the Electrical Industry

When it comes to the electrical industry, DC output cables play a crucial role in powering various devices and equipment. These cables are designed to deliver direct current (DC) from a power source to the intended device, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply. DC output cables come in different sizes, lengths, and specifications to meet the specific requirements of different applications.

Unleash the Power: Benefits of Copper Electrical Wire in Residential Settings

Copper electrical wire offers a multitude of benefits for homeowners looking to enhance their electrical systems

Exploring the Benefits of Armoured Power Cables in the Electrical Industry

Armoured power cables are specially designed cables that are used for power transmission and distribution in various industrial and commercial settings. These cables are equipped with an additional layer of protection, usually made of steel or aluminum, to ensure their durability and safety in demanding environments. One of the key benefits of armoured power cables is their enhanced mechanical str

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