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CABO LXS 2X16mm2 for 400/231V overhead distribution

Fixed installation for medium voltage (MV) power in both EX- and safe areas, general purposes. For installation in areas exposed to MUD and drilling/cleaning fluids. Meets the MUD resistance requirement in NEK TS 606:2009. Model: RFOU-8.7/15KV Brand: Grand Cable

keyword:Overhead/Aerial Cable


Aerial Bundled Cable is designed for residential and rural areas for reducing the bushfire hazards. The XLPE covering contains a high level of carbon black for UV resistance. It is designed for where reliability, safety and low installation cost are required, but it is only for short spans due to increased weight.

Applicable Standard
IEC 60228

HD 626 S1

IEC 60811

HD 605 S2

Cable Construction

Conductor: Stranded compacted circular aluminium

Insulation: Weather-Resistant Cross-Linked Polyethylene 

System Rated Voltage and Frequency

Nominal Voltage Uph-ph/Uph-e: 400/231 V

Nominal Frequency: 50 Hz


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