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Underground Cable XLPE insulation 132 KV, 630mm2 Cu compact circular section

Fixed installation for medium voltage (MV) power in both EX- and safe areas, general purposes. For installation in areas exposed to MUD and drilling/cleaning fluids. Meets the MUD resistance requirement in NEK TS 606:2009. Model: RFOU-8.7/15KV Brand: Grand Cable

keyword:Overhead/Aerial Cable


Applicable standard

IEC 60228

IEC 60840



Rated Voltage





a) The ends of the unipolar cables must be protected by means of "Thermo-shrinkable caps" that prevent the entry of moisture or foreign bodies, according to point H.4 of the AEIC-CS7-93 standard.

b) It must provide that in each of the coils, the ends of the power cables are provided with adequate "eyes" or threaded elements, for their laying as specified in point H.4 of the AEIC-CS7-93 standard.

c) You must verify the correct construction of the pipes through which the cables will be laid, carrying out the boring and brushing of the installation. A mandrel will be used whose diameter will be approximately 90% of the internal diameter of the pipes, in this way, it is verified that the pipes are not internally obstructed or have residues of materials from civil works that can damage the cable. This process will be carried out during the construction of each pipe and then it will be carried out prior to the laying of the cables in the complete section between splice chambers.

d) Prior to the passage of cables, the pipes must be cleaned and later lubricated. When introducing the conductor inside the pipe, it must be lubricated continuously. The lubricant used will consist of a special gel for cables, of the Aqua Gel type or similar.

e) The cables must be prevented from being twisted, so that deformations that affect their electrical characteristics do not occur.

f) The Maximum Mechanical Stresses specified by the cable manufacturer and Standards must not be exceeded.

respective, during their laying.

g) The cable must not be subjected, at any time, to curvatures with radii smaller than the minimum radius of curvature, whose value will be reported by the cable manufacturer.

h) The laying speed must be limited to values in m/h supplied by the cable manufacturer.

i) The cable must not be laid if its temperature is less than 0 (ºC) Power cable richness Power cable richness must be provided, according to the following:

At the end of the trace corresponding to the Catamarca TS, a wealth of approximately 15 (m) should be left installed on the street in front of the connection of the cables to the high voltage channel, arranged in an omega shape.


Cable structure


Semiconductor layer on conductor


Semiconductor layer on insulation

Expansion mattress system

metal scabbard

Outer sheath for all types of cables



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