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AAC Wasp 100mm2 PVC Insulated Cable for 11kV Distribution Network

Fixed installation for medium voltage (MV) power in both EX- and safe areas, general purposes. For installation in areas exposed to MUD and drilling/cleaning fluids. Meets the MUD resistance requirement in NEK TS 606:2009. Model: RFOU-8.7/15KV Brand: Grand Cable

keyword:Overhead/Aerial Cable


AAC is mainly used as bare overhead transmission cable and as primary and secondary distribution cable. It is also suitable for laying across basins, rivers and valleys where special geographical teatures exist.

Applicable Standard
Performance Design and Testing shall be in accordance to the BS, IEC, VDE or equivalent International standards.

Dimension characteristics

Code Name Wasp
Number of wires in conductor 7
Diameter of wires in conductor 4.39 mm
Calculated Cross-sectional Area 106.00 mm²
Insulation Material (min.) 0.80 mm
Insulation Colour Black
Weight of bare conductor 290 kg/km
Weight of insulated conductor 289 kg/km
Max. DC resistance of the conductor at 20°C 0.2702 Ohm/km



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