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3X120+1X70mm2 6.35/11kV Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) XLPE Insulated

Fixed installation for medium voltage (MV) power in both EX- and safe areas, general purposes. For installation in areas exposed to MUD and drilling/cleaning fluids. Meets the MUD resistance requirement in NEK TS 606:2009. Model: RFOU-8.7/15KV Brand: Grand Cable

keyword:Overhead/Aerial Cable


Mullet core 3X120+1X70 sq. mm aluminium twisted conductor including a messenger wire, as specified below are require for high voltage distribution systems.

Applicable Standard
Performance, design, manufacture, installation and testing cables shall be in accordance to the latest revisions of IEC 502, 540, 227 or equivalent standards unless otherwise specific herein.

XLPE Insulated overhead conductor consisting of three phase conductors and suspension unit; phase conductors with insulation of cross linked polyethylene (XLPE), copper screen & PE outer sheath suitable for outdoor use.

They may be used in all A.C single phase and three phase neutral earthed systems, resonant earthed or isolated neutral systems if a single phase to earth fault does not last longer than 8 hours and the total sum of all earth faults does not exceed 125 hours per year.

Highest continuous operating voltage Um = 12KV (Line to Line), and (a) both phase conductors isolated 12KV and (b) one phase conductor earthed 7KV.

Technical Specification
Electrical Data

Nominal Voltage rating, Uo/U 6/10 KV
Maximum admissible continuous working voltage 12 kV
Maximum D.C resistance at 20ºC 0.253 Ω/km

Single Core

Nominal Cross sectional area of phase conductor 120 mm²
Diameter of phase conductor 12.5 ~ 13.5 mm
Stranding 37/2.05 or 19/2.95 mm
Thickness of Insulation 3.4 mm
Diameter over insualtion, approximately 23 mm
Nominal cross section area of screen 16 mm²
Thickness of over sheath 2.3 mm
Overall diameter, approximately 27 mm

Suspension Unit

Galvanized Steel rope 70 mm²
Nominal cross sectional area of rope 7/3.57 mm
Thickness of covering 1.0 mm
Overall diameter of rope 12.5 mm

Three cores stranded around suspension unit

Diameter of stranded bundle, approximately 64 mm
Total weight approximately 3000 kg/km


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