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Investigation and Research on Indonesia Power Market


- Jakarta City, Indonesia

- 6th July, 2021


With local agent Mr. Xiong's support, Grand Cable's international went to Jakarta to investgate and research on Indonesia's national power market.


We visited Indonesia's national grid utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara(PLN) office, and had a deep talk about development in the future. 


The Government of Indonesia and PLN released the new Electricity Business Plan (RUPTL) 2021-30, which sets out Indonesia’s future power capacity and network development plans over the next 10 years. This new RUPTL (touted as the “greenest” RUPTL to date) marks a turning point in the country’s energy transition as, for the first time, renewable energy accounts for half (or 21 GW) of total power capacity addition. The plan comes in support of the Government’s objectives to achieve a 23% share of renewable energy in the energy mix by 2025 (as stated in the National Electricity General Plan or RUKN) as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29-41% by 2030 and achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2060 in line with the county’s Nationally Determined Contributions.


We also researched Jakarta local cable market, to know local cable brand, manfuacture capacity as well as competitivenss.


During our visit, we also held meetings with key stakeholders in the energy sector, including government officials, industry experts, and potential business partners. These discussions provided valuable insights into the regulatory framework, investment opportunities, and challenges facing the power market in Indonesia.


We also identified opportunities for collaboration with local companies in areas such as power plant construction, equipment supply, and technology transfer. The demand for reliable and affordable electricity in Indonesia is growing rapidly, creating a favorable market for international players like Grand Cable.


Overall, our visit to Jakarta was successful in gathering essential information and establishing important contacts in the Indonesian power market. We are confident that with Mr. Xiong's support and our expertise in the industry, we can contribute to the development of Indonesia's national power sector and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.


We believe this investigation will help build a valuable acknowledge for Indonesia market.