Nauru 33kV Power Line Upgrade Project - LV Power Cables Supply

Project Information:

Project Name: Power Line Upgrade - Yaren to Anibare

Owner: Nauru Utilities Corporation (NUC)

Financier: European Union

Delivery Date: 2022.01


What We Supplied:

25mm 4C+E PVC-PVC Orange circular cable

35mm 4C+E PVC-PVC Orange circular cable

50mm 4C+E PVC-PVC Orange circular cable

70mm 4C+E PVC-PVC Orange circular cable

95mm 3C+Neutral LV Aluminum Aerial bundle Cable


Project News:

Nauru, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, is a relatively small island nation. Due to its geographical location, resource conditions, and population size, the development of its electricity sector has its unique characteristics.


  1. Resource Dependence: The primary source of electricity in Nauru is fossil fuels, particularly byproducts from its phosphate mining operations. These byproducts are used as fuel for power generation, making Nauru's electricity supply somewhat dependent on its phosphate mining and exports.

  2. Power Generation Capacity: Nauru's power generation capacity is relatively small, primarily meeting the country's basic electricity needs. Given its small population size and relatively slow economic growth, Nauru's electricity demand has not seen rapid increases.

  3. Electricity Supply Stability: Although Nauru's electricity supply relies heavily on fossil fuels, its power supply stability is relatively good. The government and businesses have been committed to enhancing the reliability and stability of the power system to ensure continuous and safe electricity supply.

  4. Renewable Energy Development: In recent years, with the global emphasis and promotion of renewable energy, Nauru has also begun to actively explore and develop renewable energy sources. Despite limitations due to its geographical location and resource conditions, Nauru has shown interest in and begun investing in research and development in renewable energy.

  5. Electricity Infrastructure: Nauru's electricity infrastructure is relatively simple, primarily consisting of power plants, transmission lines, and distribution networks. As the economy grows and the population increases, the government and businesses are gradually improving and expanding the electricity infrastructure to meet the growing electricity demand.


In summary, the development of Nauru's electricity sector is influenced by its geographical location, resource conditions, and population size. While facing some challenges and limitations, Nauru is still striving to improve the reliability and stability of its power system and actively exploring renewable energy sources.