Ecuador 500KV Transmission Line Project System A Section - Bare Conductor Supply

Project Information:

Owner: Ecuador National Electric Power Company (CELEC EP)

Operation Date: 2016.10.03


What We Supplied:

ACAR Conductor


Project News:

On May 19, 2017 (local time), the Ecuadorian government held a grand celebration at the site of the Chorrillos Substation Project to mark the completion of the G system of the 500kV power transmission and transformation project undertaken by HEI. Mr. Jorge Glas, Vice President of Ecuador, attended the celebration and pressed a start button in person, which marked the start of the formal operation of the Chorrillos Substation, the 500kV transmission line in Section A9 and the 230kV transmission line in Section A11 of the 500kV transmission and transformation project.


Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mr. Medardo Cadena, Coordinating Minister of Strategic Sectors, General Manager of Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador (CELEC EP), General Manager of Ecuadorian Power Transmission and Transformation Corp., Governor of Guayas Province where Chorrillos Substation is located, and other government officials attended and respectively addressed the ceremony. HEI President Qu Aimin was invited to attend the ceremony. Also present were thousands of Ecuadorian people.


The Ecuadorian 500kV power transmission and transformation project is the first national 500kV major network power transmission and transformation project of Ecuador, which is 900km long and runs through the whole territory. It contains a 600km-long 500kV power transmission line and a 300km-long 230kV power transmission line, including four new 500kV substations, two new 230kV substations, an extended 230kV substation and four rebuilt 230kV substations. The project undertakes the transmission of the power generated at Coca Codo Sinclair Hydropower Station, Ecuador’s largest hydropower plant, and SOPLADORA Hydropower Plant, the second largest hydropower plant in Ecuador. After the project is put into operation, the power transmission capacity and scale of Ecuador’s power system will be improved and Ecuador will be transformed an electric power importer to an electric power exporter. Meanwhile, HEI created 4,200 jobs for local people every month during the construction peak period and thereby made significant contributions to the economic development and the improvement of people’s livelihood in Ecuador.


In his address at the ceremony, Mr. Jorge Glas, Vice President of Ecuador, reviewed the electric power development history of Ecuador, explained the significance of the operation of the 500kV power transmission and transformation project to the power development of Ecuador and extended his heartfelt thanks to the project constructors from HEI on half of the Ecuadorian government.


During the celebration, Qu paid a special visit to CELEC EP General Manager Mr. Luis Ruales Corrales and Mr. Corrales expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the 500kV power transmission and transformation project undertaken by HEI. He also fully affirmed HEI’s contribution to the construction of Chorrillos Substation, the transmission line in Section A9 and A11.