Thailand TPN Khon Kaea Oil Terminal Project - LV Power Cable Supply

Project Information:

Owner: Thai Pipeline Network Company Limtied. (TPN)

Delivery Date: 2021.06


What We Supplied:

Cable, FRC, Multicore, 2Cx2.5 sqmm, Galvanized Steel Wire Armour/Vermin Proof

Cable, FRC, Multicore, 4Cx2.5 sqmm, Galvanized Steel Wire Armour/Vermin Proof


Project News:


Khon Kaen Oil Terminal is located in an approximate area of 202 Rais (32.3 Hectare) in Banpai District, Khon Kaen Province. KK Terminal is the center logistic area to distribute the fuel to the customers of major oil companies such as PTT, Shell, Esso, Chevron, Thai Oil and SUSCO to supply for Northeast region of the country and export to Laos. Terminal shall receive on-ground products via pipeline tra5nsportation system from Saraburi Terminal. KK Terminal has a storage capacity of 142 million liters and can distribute oil up to 8 trucks at a time. Moreover, TPN is going to build bio-fuel tanks to store B-100 and ethanol, together with the automatic injection and blending system to support the government policy to promote the use of gasohol 91, gasohol 95 and biodiesel.


In addition, TPN also pays attention to the environment by installing the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) system to control the vapor released and prevent it from dispersing into the air while distributing, which can help reduce pollution. Not only, Multi-Product pipeline system can improve efficiency on petroleum transportation, but it also reduces pollution, traffic jam and accident on Highway road, energy problems and helps conserve the environment.