Bangladesh 33kV Cable XLPE CCV Line Construction Project - Cables Supply

Project Information:

Project Name: 33kV Cable XLPE CCV Line Construction Project

Awarded Date: 2022.06


What We Supplied:

1CX300 RM, 33 kV XLPE Insulated Copper Cables

1CX400 RM, 11 kV XLPE Insulated Copper Cables

3CX240 RM, 11 kV XLPE Insulated Copper Cables

3CX150 RM, 11 kV XLPE Insulated Copper Cables

NYY Cables

NYYF Cables

BYA Cables

NYY-1 Cables



Project News:

Main technical specification
1.1 Voltage Class XLPE 6~33kV
1.2 Conductor 25~630mm2 Cu
35~800mm2 Al
1.3 Cable weight max. 10 kg/m
1.4 Cable diameter max. 70 mm
1.5 Cable construction
Conductor shield 0.5~2mm
Insulation 3.4~12mm
Insulation shield 0.5~2mm

1.6 Material
Conductor: Compressed Cu, aluminium stranded conductor
Conductor shield: Cross-linking conductor screening material
Insulation: XLPE
Insulation shield: Strippable insulation screening material (33kV or below)
Free-strippable insulation screening material (33kV)

1.7 Line design speed: 0~30m/min.

1.8 Line execution: Half catenary
Inclination of cooling section: 1° ~ 2°
Catenary factor: 200~150
Length of cross-linking section: About 41 m
Material: SS 304φ 219× 4
Design temperature: Max. 450
Length of pre-cooling section: 12 m
Material: SS304 φ 219× 4
Length of cooling section: 54m
Material: SS304 φ 140× 4
(the first section of cooling tube isφ 219× 4)
Design pressure: 1.6 MPa

1.9 Extruders arrangement:
φ 65-φ 150-φ 90 triple extrusion
φ 65 for conductor screen
φ 150 for cross linked polyethylene(XLPE)
φ 90 for insulation screen
1.10 Pressurized medium in pipe: Nitrogen
1.11 Cooling medium in pipe: Water
1.12 Kinetic energy consumption:
Electricity: Installation capacity 750 KVA
380V± 10%, 50Hz± 1%, three-phase and four-wire
Water: Water pressure: 0.2~0.6 MPa
Water consumption: 15m3/h (circulating water from reservoir)
Compressed air: 0.6~0.8 MPa
Air consumption: 0.8m3/min
Nitrogen: Pressure 2.0~2.5 MPa
Purity 99.5%
Consumption: 1~2m3/h (standard state)