Bangladesh 1MWp Solar Power Plant Project - AC & DC Cables Supply

Project Information:

Project Name: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Barishal 1MWp Grid Tied Solar Power Plant at Barishal, Bangladesh on Turn Key Basis

Owner: Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB)

Awarded Date: 2022.09


What We Supplied:

1CX4 Sq-mm Cable, BYA (Red Colour) (PV Module to Inverter)

1CX4 Sq-mm Cable, BYA (Black Colour) (PV Module to Inverter)

4CX50 Sq-mm Power Cable (Cable Type=NYY) (Inverter to ACDB)

4CX185 Sq-mm Power Cable (Cable Type=NYY) (ACDB to 0.4kV side of 0.4/11kV, 625kVA Transformer)

3CX50 Sq-mm HT Cable (Cable Type=Undergrounded Armoured XLPE Cable) (11kV side of 0.4/11kV, 625kVA Transformer to 11kV LT Switchgear)

3CX95 Sq-mm HT Cable (Cable Type=Undergrounded Armoured XLPE Cable) (11kV LT Switchgear to 11kV side of 11/132kV Transformer)

1CX25 Sq-mm (Cable Type=Green Cable, BYA) Earthing Cable for Lightning Arrestors & Grounding


Project News:

The Bangladeshi solar energy market is expected to record a CAGR of more than 8.56% during the forecast period of 2022–2027. The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the Bangladesh solar energy market, and solar module makers in Bangladesh have demanded USD 58.9 million worth of grants, long-term interest-free loans, and tax incentives to recover the losses incurred due to the pandemic. Factors such as supportive government policies, rising environmental concerns, incentives, and tax benefits for solar panel installations are expected to drive the market during the forecast period. However, increasing adoption of alternate clean energy sources and high initial investment costs of solar projects are expected to hinder the market growth during the forecast period.


The solar PV segment is expected to dominate the Bangladesh solar energy market during the forecast period due to its cost-effectiveness compared to other solar technologies like concentrated solar power (CSP) and passive solar technology.


Bangladesh has set an ambitious goal of generating more than 4,100 megawatts of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. Solar power is likely to account for half of the power generation, creating a significant opportunity for the country's solar energy market.


Increasing electricity demand in major provinces like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, and Rajshahi is expected to drive the market in the forecast period.