Myanmar 30MW Solar Power Plant Project - Conductors and Cables Supply

Project Information:


Project Name: Myanmar Thapyawa+Thazi 30MW Solar Power Plant

Delivery Date: 2023.11


What We Supplied:

Grounding material (BVR-6mm2)(CU/PVC 6mm2)

Grounding material (BVR-16mm2)(CU/PVC 16mm2)

Copper stranded wire (35mm2)

Copper stranded wire (50mm2)

H1Z2Z2-K 1*4 Black

H1Z2Z2-K 1*4 Red

​Rated Voltage 500V Instrument Cable CU/PE/IS (CWB)/OS(CTS)/PE/STA/PE


Project News:

On December 5, 2021, we marked the official launching ceremony of Thapyaywa Sustainable 30MW Solar Power Plant, located in the central part of Myanmar, near ThaPyayWa village, in the Tharsi Township of Meikhtila District- Mandalay Region.


Myanmar is rich in renewable energy sources from wind power, sunlight available all seasons in many parts of the country, and we have recognized the opportunity to take advantage of the natural resources to support the energy requirements.


The goal towards sustainable clean power energy distribution with Zero Carbon Mission, we participated in the submission of solar power projects with the issuance of government tender invitations for solar power projects at various locations in Myanmar in 2020. Under the agreement of BOO (Build Operate Own) and IPP (Independent Power Producer) basis, CPE, upon the awardment of the Thapyawa Solar Power Project, commenced an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which included consultation with the local community in accordance with guidelines and standard procedures required in the tender documents on September 2020.


The ground-mounted solar power plant project started its preparation for the site work in December 2020, which included site survey, soil test, and groundworks with the investment on local talents and imported foreign technologies by international standard guidelines.


The Thapyaywa Solar Power Project incorporates up-to-date technologies, emphasizing Operational Efficiency from generation and transmission to the National Grid.


Part of the project scope included the construction and connection of 3.91 miles of 33Kv Transmission line from the Power station to the Thapyaywa Substation.

The installed capacity of the 30MW Thapyawa Solar Power Plant has become the second project in Myanmar. The project produces more than 200,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day and generates 70.599 million kilowatt-hours per year. Today, out of more than 10.9 million households in the country, about 6.6 million households have been supplied with electricity by the national grid, and 61% of the total households have been provided with electricity.


Besides powering standard residential loads such as lighting, cell phone charging, and entertainment electronics, our renewable energy solution will spur local economic growth and improving quality of life by energizing larger productive use loads such as refrigeration, water pumping, saws, and agricultural processing like rice mills and corn shelling.