Ethiopia Private Corporation MV Power Distribution Project - Cables Supply

Project Information:

Delivery Date: 2024.04


What We Supplied:

Aluminium conductors Copper tape screen Type of insulation -XLPE insulation Type -1 x 185 RM/25 Voltage - 33 kV

Aluminium conductors Copper tape screen Type of insulation -XLPE insulation Type -1 x 240 RM/25 Voltage - 33 kV


Project News:

The development of the 33KV distribution business in Ethiopia is showing a positive trend. With the rapid economic growth of the country, the demand for electricity consumption is also showing a rapid increase, which directly drives the continuous expansion of the distribution business.


To meet the growing demand for electricity, the Ethiopian government is actively promoting the construction of renewable energy projects, especially the development of hydropower stations. In addition, wind and solar energy resources have also been fully developed and utilized. The construction of these renewable energy projects not only provides sufficient power resources for the power industry but also effectively alleviates the dependence on fossil energy while promoting environmental protection and sustainable development.


In terms of grid construction, Ethiopia is gradually improving the urban and rural power grids to enhance the stability and reliability of power supply. This not only helps to meet the current electricity demand but also lays a solid foundation for the future development of the power industry.


Specifically, regarding the 33KV distribution business, Ethiopia is actively introducing foreign capital and technology to promote its development. For example, some Chinese companies have already participated in multiple 33KV distribution projects in Ethiopia, providing advanced equipment and technical support to help improve the efficiency and reliability of the local distribution system.