Guam Materials Procurement Project - Cables and Conductor Supply

Project Information:


Awarded Date: 2024.04


What We Supplied:

Guy Wire, 7 strands, 7/16'' diameter, 18,000 lbs breaking strength

Wire, #2 aluminum bare, class (AAAC) 7 strands, 0.1052 in.

Wire, #6 AWG Duplex, Copper 600V, Self Supporting Secondary Wire

Wire, #4 Triplex Copper, 600V, Self Supporting Service Drop and Secondary Cable

Wire, #2 Triplex Copper, 600V, Self Supporting Service Drop and Secondary Cable

Wire, #2 Quadruplex Copper, 600V, Self Supporting Service Drop and Secondary Cable


Project News:

The GUAM POWER AUTHORITY (known as GPA) on Guam Island is a crucial electricity service provider, dedicated to managing and operating the island's power facilities, ensuring stable and efficient electricity supply for Guam's residents, tourists, and various organizations. GPA not only focuses on daily electricity supply but also strives to promote technological innovation and development in the power sector to adapt to the island's ever-changing electricity demands.


The electricity development situation on Guam Island is closely related to the island's geographical environment, economic development level, and energy policies. As Guam has no fossil energy resources, its electricity supply mainly relies on imported fuel oil. This dependency results in high electricity prices and increased risks of reliance on external energy supplies. Therefore, Guam has been seeking alternative energy sources and energy-saving measures to reduce its dependence on imported fuel oil and lower electricity costs.


In recent years, Guam has made positive progress in electricity development. On the one hand, through the construction of renewable energy projects such as solar energy projects, Guam is gradually reducing its reliance on imported fuel oil and promoting clean energy development. These projects not only help lower electricity costs but also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental protection and sustainable development.


On the other hand, Guam's power grid system is constantly improving. The grid system includes both Split Phase and Delta 3 Phase systems to cater to different electricity needs. Simultaneously, with technological advancements, Guam's power facilities are gradually being upgraded to improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity supply.


However, Guam's electricity development still faces some challenges. For instance, natural disasters such as typhoons can potentially damage the island's power facilities, leading to power outages and other interruptions in electricity supply. Therefore, GPA needs to continuously strengthen the maintenance and emergency repair capabilities of power facilities to cope with potential incidents.


Overall, the GUAM POWER AUTHORITY plays a vital role in electricity supply and management on Guam Island, while the island's electricity development is continuously progressing and improving. Although it still faces some challenges, with the continuous development of renewable energy and grid technology, Guam's electricity future is expected to be more stable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.