Cable Factory Acceptance Test(FAT) for Congo Airport Project


- Yixing Factory, Jiangsu Province, China

- 23rd January, 2023


On January 23rd, REGIE DES VOIES AERIENNES S.A. (R.V.A.), a reputable client from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, visited our company for the acceptance of cable products. These cables, destined for the critical Mbuji Mayi Airport project, represented a significant milestone in our partnership and a testament to the quality of our offerings.


REGIE DES VOIES AERIENNES S.A. (R.V.A.), a leading aviation company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specializes in providing aviation services that span from air transport operations to infrastructure management. With a strong presence in the country's aviation sector, R.V.A. has established itself as a reliable partner, committed to enhancing and modernizing the aviation industry.


The Mbuji Mayi Airport, located in the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a crucial infrastructure project that aims to boost the region's connectivity and economic development. The airport, which is undergoing expansion and modernization, will serve as a gateway for domestic and international travel, facilitating trade, tourism, and other economic activities.


During their visit, the representatives from R.V.A. conducted a thorough inspection of our cable products, ensuring they met the strict quality standards required for the airport's infrastructure. Our team provided detailed information about the cables' unique features, including their durability, reliability, and ability to withstand the rigorous conditions of an airport environment.


The cables that were accepted will play a vital role in powering and connecting various systems at the Mbuji Mayi Airport. From lighting and communication systems to safety and security equipment, these cables will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the airport.


We are proud to have been chosen as a supplier for such a significant project and appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us by R.V.A. This partnership not only reinforces our commitment to quality but also highlights the global reach and impact of our products.


In conclusion, the visit from R.V.A. on January 26th marked a successful milestone in our collaboration and underscored the critical role our cable products play in supporting aviation infrastructure. We look forward to continuing our partnership with R.V.A. and contributing to the success of the Mbuji Mayi Airport project, which will undoubtedly enhance the aviation sector and economic development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.