Progress of Myanmar 132kV Transmission Line Project - Jiangsu Grand Cable Co., Ltd.


- Magway Region, Myanmar

- 19th August, 2023


The project of replacing 132kV overhead bare conductor for Mann-Magway transmission line has now been into the final stage, crossing the river. 


Length of the route is 61.3km, existing conductor is ACSR 397.5MCM IBIS shall be replaced by carbon fiber core reinforced condcutor 491MCM GDANSK, to improve the current capacity of the transmission line.


The execution of this project began from October, 2022. Now after almost one year, we're confident to make the transmission line into operation and get final acceptance from end user very soon.


The end user is Ministry of Electricity Power(MOEP) of Myanmar government. 


We believe successful execution of this project will strengthen our business influence in Myanmar market.